Friday, September 30, 2011

So it Begins...

I have always wanted to do a blog, as there are always so many thoughts whizzing around in my head, and in a vain effort to try and be funny yet informative. If I am the only one who reads it, then so be it. I will look back at in years to come, I will let my future kids log on to my blog, and together, we will be able to say 'what a total waste of time that was'.

 I started to write this blog about an hour ago, but spent approximately 59 minutes trying to think up a witty title for it. But I couldn't. The problem is this...

 I went for a 6 mile run earlier, on what I think is possibly the hottest 30th of September ever in the history of all weather recordings on the 30th of September. The run has managed to drain every single drop of energy I have. I mean EVERY drop. To emphasise this, I have put the word EVERY in big shouty letters. I just can't think straight. I have no energy to think, so I opted for the unoriginal title of 'so it begins'. It doesn't exactly leap out of the page at you, but the way i'm feeling right now, nothing I have could leap anywhere. I'm just so tired. The heat has totally zapped me.

My first blog entry was supposed to be an exciting delve into the daily, action packed life I lead, but it has sadly been a shit story about why I chose a shit title for my first blog. Like I found myself telling my Mum after she read every one of my end of term school reports, I will try harder next time.

When I have some energy, and some time, and have taken a lesson in 'how to type quicker', I will post a proper blog, with actual interesting things in. But for now, and to add a bit of excitement to the end of this blog, I will type the last letter in a different colour.